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Why Die for your Debts?
Debts don’t deserve it, nor do their “carriers”.

Fear is a fabrication, it is generated by false surroundings not fact. A demand letter from a suburban lawyer has little impact, but a letter from one of the big four is shattering, yet the letter from one of the big four is probably written by a junior as against the suburban lawyer's letter likely to be written by a practice partner. 

To my knowledge not one banking officer has ever been charged with manslaughter following the suicide of a Farmer threatened by a bank with losing his property?

Intimidation is just not warranted, it is completely unnecessary.   I wonder if banking hoodlums gain some sort of morbid fun from the false power trip they believe their positions deliver up. I often wonder what would occur if they imposed their ridiculous thuggery on a few of the seriously hard characters I have met over the years and not just those hilarious clowns who think they are hard, but the quite natured seriously hard ones, the sort of characters you should never threaten?

Bankruptcy is and always has been a relief from debt, a chance to start clean - and give you a chance to be the person you were meant to be.   It should not be upheld by those on civil life support.  The “I know Lindy Chamberlain really did it” ignorant loud mouth normally at least a 140 kilo social monsters, as the end of the world, blistering someone who has at least tried with the social status of a failure. It is bad enough some of those who are empowered to judge us lack any worldly experience and depth without the wider over the back fence “experts” drowning someone who has tried to build, employ pay tax and failed.  
Fear not".   says Anthony Brownlee

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